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(Pete Namlook & Lakoff/Igr Ver aka New Composers)

When the first 'New Composers' CD 'Astra' from Russia came out it was immediately rated 10/10 in Mixmag Magazine. Since 1997 this Music Collective of St. Petersburg was planning to create new music with Pete Namlook. Now... one year later after a collaboration with Brian Eno they worked together with Pete and recorded a CD that is a perfect combination between the styles of the musicians involved.

12 Tracks that show the whole versatility and beauty of Electronic music. From pure Elektro, Space Music, Jazz, Ambient, to Contemporary and Impressionistic Music combined with Russian lyrics to a New Fusion that one could call Ambient Science.

CD tracks:
1 Life on Mars 3.14
2 There Is Not Another World 6.48
3 Echnaton 3.27
4 Waters of Love 3.45
5 Tetra 5.55
6 Musika i slowa 3.22
7 Indigo 4.07
8 The Second Sector 3.22
9 In the Memory of Magnitola 3.16
10 Una 3.15
11 Bellan 2.37
12 Shadows of Shadows 7.00

Ambient Science