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(Pete Namlook & Karl Berger)

During a Jazz Festival in Frankfurt 1997, Bill Laswell introduced Pete Namlook to Karl Berger. Both were immediately into the idea of working together on a new combination of Jazz and Electronic Music. What came out was a collection of pieces that range from Jazz to 70's film music to Ambient and Blues. The sound of Karl Bergers vibraphone and the liveliness of his performances in Pete's studio were stunning. If you listen closely to the tracks "Insight" and "True Blue" you will hear Karl breathing deeply while he plays... he creates unconsciously a perfect accompaniment to his solos that gives a rare organic environmental feel to the music. The tremendous value of improvised music .. there are not just phrases being played and combined.. the minds and bodies of the musicians are fully involved and in a constant process of musical creation.

CD tracks:
1 Worldwide Roaming 7.29
2 Insight 11.00
3 Polytime 15.57
4 Tina 5.43
5 True Blue 11.21

From Jazz to 70's filmmusic to Ambient and Blues