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Move D - Pop for Dwoozle
(David Moufang)

Quite some time has passed since the successful "Kunststoff (Source Records)" and "Solitaire (FAX)" by Move D were released. The CD "Pop for Dwoozle" is inspired by David's son Dan who was born 1997. Silence, crawling, prickling, clarity, David's own memories of childhood, lullabies, elegance, reduction, emotion.. are associations and themes of the new CD. Music for children and children who have children. New to David's sound, besides the nice guitars which appear sorted, is the contribution of his son to some of the songs.. but he only did it for the money.. :-) Music which is in context with Chill-Out and Ambient ... sounds groovy, fallen in love, playful, thoughtful and doesn¹t use its innovative force as a gimmick.. just as a natural method of style.

CD tracks:
1 Put Your Ear to the Ground · 2 Looking for Grasshoppers · 3 Goofi 4 Insel Poel '97 · Berlin von seiner schönsten Seite · 5 Haheessh 6 The tree / Travelling Without Moving · 7 Will Funk for Food 8 Cacao Facil · 9 Watching Trains (Züge gucken) · 10 Uchi soto uki 11 Tonspur 11 · 12: ∞

Modern, emotional, funky Chill-Out