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Possible Gardens
(Pete Namlook & Peter Prochir)

Peter Prochir better known with his Industrial project -Sielwolf- combined forces with Pete Namlook for an organic Ambient release. It ranges from dark Environmental Ambient to positive South-American Ambience with the Guitar of Pete Namlook.

Nobody realized that Pete Namlook and Peter Prochir have known each other for over 20 years and worked together from time to time ..the debut album -Sielwolf- had been recorded at Pete's Klanglabor in Frankfurt later they collaborated in the field of Jazz Rock and Fusion in the early 80ies .. later in the early 90ies before Pete started his label FAX +49-69/450464 they collaborated on Pete's first Techno - demo that never had been released and which was the start of the contact to DJ Criss and all the other meanwhile famous DJs like Pascal FEOS. From this long term music relationship now the mature recording of Possible Gardens came into being. A recording which will take you with it on a journey from dreamscapes to relaxation and self-reflection.

1 Possible Gardens 12.24
2 Breeding Machine 11.05
3 Terminal Beach 13.11
4 Memory Lagoon 11.00
5 Possible Gardens (reprise) 5.37

From Dreamscapes to Relaxation and Self-Reflection