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pre FAX Compilation
(Pete Namlook & Collaborators)

This 2CD set contains music of Pete Namlook and collaborators from the time before he started his own label. CD 1 contains Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Fusion and Electronic Music (1983-1990) that shows the roots of today's FAX music. CD 2 shows the development that happened to Namlookıs music when he started to work with different DJs and artists of the Frankfurt Techno scene for the first time. In the beginning there was DJ Criss (Christian Thier) who connected Pete with Pascal F.E.O.S. ...who connected Pete with Maik Maurice and Atom Heart. The releases you hear on this record are the very beginning and the primary cell for the start of what lies now in front of us... nearly 300 products within 5 years and quite some innovations that came from FAX.

For those who followed the label for some time and always wanted to know where all this music came from ...this CD is a MUST. For those who just got hooked through Namlook's recent invention "Electronic Fusion Music" it might be interesting to have a look to the future ...by listening to the past of this outmost prolific and innovative musician. Just listen to some of the pieces and look at the year when they were created ... there will be more than one surprise....

Look into the future by listening to the past