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Psychonavigation 5
(Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell)

3 years of waiting come to an end. The Psychonavigation project is back with a new minimalistic, beatoriented sound that brings the Bass of Bill into a new context. The innovative software developers of Ableton developed “LIVE” which gives Pete the possibility to create more intuitive and intense music in the field of liquid beats and beyond. The sound is transcending fluently from one level to the next. A *new* experience for the listener as it incorporates the sound of FAX with innovative loop-drumming. “The Catalyst” explores the *beat* while minds are melting .. “Cryosleep” starts with a Bill - Bassdrone and so the prepartion for a huge 32+ minutes dreamscenario that will tear you into our world of Psychonavigation. “Life Eternal” lifts off with a melancholic melody, a 70ies Bass of Bill and deep ambience while slowly soft beats evolve. Pete played the rare melodic Trautonium part the night Oskar Sala died (26th of Feb 2002) after he heard about this the next day he finished the track and dedicated it to this outstanding artist who gained eternal life through his life-time dedication to the sound and the music of his instrument “The Trautonium”.

The Catalyst 7.22 / Cryosleep 32.39 Part 1 - Preparation 10.33/Part 2 - Running into a Dream 5.39/Part 3 - Holy Man 8.50 Part 4 - Alien Particles 7.35 / Life Eternal 11.43

Intense psychonavigational music in the field of Liquid Beats and Deep Ambience