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Artist: Ludwig Rehberg & Pete Namlook
Title: The Putney 2
Cat No: PK 08/98
Format: CD (61.40min)
Release date: 27/02/1995 (Limitation:1000 copies)

The Putney 2

The two "Synthi"-addicted German musicians Ludwig Rehberg who is the head of EMS synthesizers and Pete Namlook met again to find out what other new and uncommon sounds they could get out of their instruments. The result is even more fascinating. These weird analog sounds create a very interesting musical environment of a couple of different characters. Once there is deep and dark ambient, then beatoriented, then back to positive electronic "Krautrock".

1 Earl of Burlington 12.18 min
2 Tower to a Wall 12.05 min
3 Clockwork 7.25 min
4 Blue Depression 9.49 min
5 Appendix 17.59 min
6 Finis 2.02 min

Very experimental uncommon environmental "Krautrock"-ambient.