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The Putney Video
(Ludwig Rehberg & Pete Namlook)

This video was created by an EMS videosizer which is fed with musical information in order to produce and treat the colour, shape, lightness and contrast of the visual information.
Pete Namlook is a purist. He never wanted to release a video with grinning musicians fuzzing around with their instruments or 3D animation which has not the timeless quality.More Important is the direct connection to the music.Visuals not as an explanation of the sound but more an enhancement and intensification of the overall musical experience.

(this means that the shapes you see on the screen are dictated by the original sound recording, and they appear, mutate and disappear in correspondance with the music)

The Operator at the machine was Ludwig Rehberg except Video 1 (Pete Namlook)

1appendix17.59(putney II)
2Putney Dust10.08(putney)
3Aeols Harp23.24(putney)

videos created by sound... something different for your mind.