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Artist: Chris Meloche
Title: "Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth"
Cat No: PS 08/54
Format: CD (73.22min)
Release date: 24/10/1994 (Limitation: 1000 copies)

"Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth"

"Loop 5" is an excperpt of Chris Meloche's 6 hour track which was first broadcasted by the Banff radio station "Radio 88" (Canada).

It consists of two basic elements, one musical and one of the urban sounds. The musical protion of this work is an ever changing minmial piece. Six sparse tracks of information run parallel to each other. Since each part differs in duration, the work shifts and changes as it progresses. The urban sounds consist of three "dream sequences." These "dream sequences are manipulated recordings of events which happen in the urban environment. As there are a walk down the city streets, the sound of a summer thunderstorm as observed from the inner city and the third event is that of a large social gathering. The two components continuously weave and intermingle. A quiet, ever-changing sonic atmosphere which can be tuned in or out as the listener wishes.

Environmental music without beats.