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Redeye about his music:
"What ever I compose, compile and assemble represents an alternate state of my current being. Not always the music is on the same level as the consciousness, as my life the music is a process itself. Like a fisher in his boat I travel the sea of planetary consciousness with its everevolving morphodynamic waves. In setting up my equipment I through out my net trying to catch emotion- and impressionfish. My studio becomes my carrier and the struggle with the parametric transforms into navigaton signals. What I hope to bring back is a magic brew and the medicine for the unconscious. In this way I feed back to the sea of love, the planetary soul. So all in all it is the repurification process of a selftransforming channel. I am a plant.

Musicians are doing a dangerous split over the gaping hole called reality.They need the separation from the essence, their boat, in order to fulfill their task.

Every place you visit on earth reveals a certain amount of influences to the visitor depending on previous experiences you had that act as extensions to your being in this place and state. For example to aquire inspiration for my music project *Arizona Tracks* I have been to Phoenix, Arizona.

Whenever I looked to the sky during my stay in Arizona the feeling of the scenery formed a whole new sense of place. This is also what I want to accomplish with my work. Whenever I compose a piece based on previous experiences in my lifetime I form:

Dimensional Extensions for the Senses.