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Shades of Orion
(Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue)

This had been released in a limited edition of 500 back in 1993. It is sold out since a long time and is one very rare collectors item. Meanwhile there are collectors who pay $ 100 and more for an original PW 09 release as with the previous released AW 017 - Ambiant Otaku - . This second collaboration of Pete Namlook and Tetsu Inoue is more moving than their deep chill work -2350 Broadway-. Its full of Ambient - sequences and deep basses as well as -space- and environmental sounds. It includes the Ambient-Dub track "Did you ever retire a human..." and the track -Biotrip- that has been used for a documentary on Galaxies in the -Space Night- of the German BR3 programm that is shown in Europe via Satellite. On January 29th, 1994 the Melody Maker wrote: "..more spectral symphonies and exotic lunar whilrligigs that mimic the momentum of the birth, life and death of imploding supernovas. Another irrefutable classic from the FAX stable..."

Galactical Ambient