Ambient World

(Pete Namlook & Dr. Atmo)

The year 2001 starts with a reissue of THE FAX-Chill Out classic: "Silence". When it was first released in 1992 it was the first German CD in this music genre and has inspired a lot of artists since.It was the beginning of Pete Namlook's various collaborations with artists coming from many different places on our planet. This musical movement had started in England of course with "The Orb/KLF -Chill Out-"and Mixmaster Morris. And it seemed that at that time this kind of music created a worldwide community that gave Chill-Out music to the world.

The monumental sound of "Silence" is the sound of Hope and with its deep melancholy and hypnotic nature. It is made to give people of our time the calmness and sonic environment to sit/lie down,let their mind travel and gives our soul time to recover from our often unhuman hectic life and unhealthy environment. Its music is a mixture of slowly evolving classical,electronic and world music. Right from the start Pete Namlook's chill-out was a music that fully integrated many directions in music. He has been fighting ever since for music that is not single minded and easily classified.

Omid/Hope 21.51
Garden of Dreams 22.24
Santur 9.49
Trip 20.08

Simply leg go and listen to monumental -Silence-