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Silent Music
(Pete Namlook & Dandy Jack)

Dandy Jack and Pete Namlook are better known as the duo "AMP". Their new project -Silent Music- shows their more Ambient and Elektro-Environmental way of collaboration. Still the special humor of Dandy Jack comes through as well as the soundscapes of Pete Namlook but the approach to this music is completely different. Spooky sounds and slow motion music that calms you down as soon as you press the Play button on your CD-Player. The fusion of musical influences for the tracks on this CD reach from Arabesk, South American, 70's Space Music, as well as the pure abstract electronic of our days.

CD tracks:

1 Cosmic Nose 8.15
2 Deep Influence 10.20
3 Blumenoid 8.28
4 Carmen 6.37
5 Forst Nicox 7.35
6 Latin Lava 7.12
7 Dark Room 7.36

Elektro-Ethno-Ambient-Environmental fusion music from Haway to Bombay