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SOL - Stardust (feat. Antonia Langsdorf)
(Christian Schek & Ramin Naghachian)

When Pete Namlook first heard the demo of this CD production he felt like being in a big Techno-clubs of the 1990ies surrounded by the Trance crowd of this time. During this era Ramin had his first "clubhit" .. every Trance-Lover knows his 1992 track "Brainticket". Now, after the commercial overkill of this genre, which is only a document for the loss of taste and the strong will to earn fast money with music in the first place, comes Trance from the finest source in a very vivid and deep way, no cheap elements just pure love for the music that changed the sound of techno so much. Together with Antonia Langsdorf, whose texts fit perfectly and formed the title song of the Album "Stardust" SOL give us a good starter for a revival. Great music survives *always* and so Christian and Ramin transport Trance with their production to the 21st century.

CD tracks:
1 Stardust (Club Mix) 7.36
2 Time & Space 5.17
3 Venus 6.50
4 Moon 44 6.42
5 Stardust (Elektro Mix) 4.46
6 Everybody 7.22
7 Cosmic Lines 8.00
8 Planet X 9.03
9 Stardust (Vocal Mix) 4.01

SOL transport Trance to the 21st century