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Spyra - Phonehead

A new name on FAX Records and one to watch for in the future. Starting with a sound that could be connected with melodic FAX-HardTrance of the old days.... Spyra goes deeper into the fields of Ambient-Environmental music often performed with custom build instruments like the -Triangle-Pads-, the -Elektrolyra- and diverse soundsculptures (i.e. -sound-sheets-). This man could not just fit the image of an "Elektronik-musician." He is in fact originally a performance artist who was part of the "Dokumenta IX" with his work -Panakustikum- in 1992. He will be part of Dokumenta X as well with his work -My Little Garden of Sounds- where visitors are connected to P.A.S.S. (Portable Ambient Sound System) to perceive the natural Environment in a processed way such that the ear-sight of your surroundings is completely beyond anything ever experienced. This will be the official Chill-Out contribution to Dokumenta X. Dokumenta is the most acclaimed contemporary art exhibition worldwide that takes place every 5 years.

This CD can be used as a ticket to this (chill-out) event taking place from 21st of June - 28th of September 1997 in Kassel, Germany.

Contemporary Art goes HardTrance-Environmental-Ambient