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Sultan - Osman
(Pete Namlook & Burhan Öçal)

This CD was the most labor intensive project Pete Namlook has ever undertaken and he is proud to present finally the second collaboration with Burhan Öçal. It opens up a series of recordings which will be dedicated to the different Sultans of the Ottoman empire which started in the 13th century. The start was Osman Gazi the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

The music of this album is a rich ethnographic journey back in time to the Ottoman empire. incorporating direct links to the great poets of this time i.e. Celaleddin Rumi. But as on the first Sultan recording both artists combined the very past with the very future of music to a new generation of Ethno-Electronic Music. So Waldorf WAVE and the newest Steinberg Software Cubase VST 4.0 are part of the setup as well as ancient Turkish instruments as the Tanbur and a whole collection of mediaval percussion instruments. That Burhan is the real master of Ottoman music is being certified by his award winning Harmonia Mundi release "Jarden Ottoman."

CD tracks:
Bir çalgiyim göğsüne yaslanmiş (Part I-VII)

Ethno-Electronic Music: pioneered by FAX in 1992 with the AIR release is taken into the next generation in 1998 with Sultan - Osman