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nous sommes les supergroup.

nous sommes dans le mix...

allons danser avec nous

roland , ensoniq, technics...

'The Supergroup' would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the women of the world for their support in the gestation of 'The Concept Album'. This project is the product of many years of (re)creational psychedelic research and four lifetimes worth of mixing it up on dancefloors and chillrooms around the galaxy.

The Supergroup fab four are (DJ) Thomas Bullock, Prof. Phartiphuckborlz, Charles Uzzell-Edwards and Mammal. Darkhorse is responsible for additional tweakage on 'Angry Man in Car'.

1Nous sommes dans le mix13.27
2Little Girl3.00
3Angry Man17.41
4A Glass Table and a Spoon1.27
5Pookies Japanese Adventure2.57
7Supergroup Sunday14.12

Coming soon, the second part of the concept album trilogy 'The Great Eurovision Song Contest Swindle'.

File Under: 'Fat chunky beats for movie soundtracks'