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Syn 2
(Pete Namlook)

Some time ago Pete Namlook released some 12” and a CD under the name “Syn”. This project was dedicated to Trance and Dark Ambient / Chill Out music. By the beginning of 2002, new tools became available to Pete which meant he now had the recources to produce a new kind of beatoriented music which is dedicated to a pure tribal sound that influences your deepest instincts. In this context stands “Töulin - Spirit of the Earth”. A monumental piece that changes between a monumental mood and some intense chillout passages. “A Meditation on Modern Philosophy” is the first in a row of tracks that start with a futuristic philosophical question and gives you some time to reflect on this theme while the music evolves. “Mindlab” is a track in the field of modern Trance music with a nice soprano theme sung by Jenny Gibbert. The track “Night Time Pleasures” is dedicated to dark Chill-Out music and incorporates typical Namlook ringmodulation sounds.

CD tracks:
1 Töulin - Spirit of the Earth 23.11
2 A Meditation on Modern Philosophy 15.30
3 Mindlab 9.48
4 Night Time Pleasures 3.12

Chill-Out, Trance and Pure Tribal music that influence your deepest instincts