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(Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue)

This time Tetsu and Peter wanted to work on something completely different that is still recognizable as their own style. They tried to push the limits of electronic music a bit further. Fully incorporated subharmonic chords and sequences are part of this CD. From "Electroacoustic Trip-Hop" and "Futuristic Enviornmental" to "Psychedelic Jungle" beats, again a lot of live recorded material at Klanglabor has been used. A live session of 2 hours and 40 minutes was compressed to 65:43.

Live appearances are in the planning. This is the strongest product that they collaborated on so far... a journey to the unexpected... the future of sound. You seem to watch a Time Tourist travelling... sometimes a second seems to take ages, sometimes an hour lasts a second and sometimes you get lost in a time loop of indefinite beauty.

1Bypass Mood4.28
2Free and Flowers25.01
4I've got Chillness Illness16.57

Get lost in Time... between Electroacoustic Trip-Hop, Ambient and Psychedelic Jungle