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Virtual Vices II
(Pete Namlook & Wolfram Spyra)

Another chapter of FAX releases that incorporate unusual innovative sounds. This time Wolfram Spyra brought with him the "Steelcello" originally invented by the American artist and composer Bob Rutman 30 years ago who was a teatcher to John Cage with his steel instruments

The Stellcello has a haunting and multidimensional soundcolour which is the acoustic answer to Pete Namlooks electronic sound. Mixed with beats, spheric melodies and chords this music brings new quality to life.

While 'Bauxit', '2nd Level Distance' and' Tshoogy Beatbox' consist of a mixture of sounds including Synthesizers, Samplers, Voice, Guitar, Steelcello and Big Moog Sequencing... 'Svuk' is dedicated to the Steelcello alone. This track gives a new quality to the topic haunted meditation sounds.

CD tracks:
1 Bauxit 14.44
2 2nd Level Distance 14.29
3 Tshoogy Beatbox 11.00
4 Svuk 21.23

Ancient Steelcello Meets the Electronic Sound of the 21st Century