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Waiting For Snow
Peter Benisch

A new artist on FAX. From the lot of Demos that we received we decided to release the new album of Peter Benisch. He is not only a brilliant "Electronic Musician" but is also putting his ideas into the sound of tommorow working at the World leading Virtual Synthesizer company "Clavia". Since the age of eight he was starting his musical live. Later he studied classic percussion at the Södra Latin Music High School in Stockholm. Today he is specialized in Sound-Design and Electronic-Athmospheric-Music which surprises with its unique percussive impact on his new album. His unique style connects sounds never heard before with athmospere and melodic mood of rarely heard quality. "I donıt know any other artist of this versatile quality from the Swedish underground music movement." says Pete Namlook

This music is like the soundtrack to the New Millenium