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Move D * Namlook V - WIRED
(Pete Namlook & David Moufang)

The fifth collaboration of David and Peter, this time taking place at Pete’s Klanglabor at the Mosel. New Software based tools helped create a fresh and vivid sound between straight beats (“Hardwired”), experimental sounds and the guitar of Pete (“Softwired”) On the request of David it includes some of the early “Namlook-Astrogator”- like Atmospheres brought back to the future. This CD has everything from dense beats that move your body as well as multidimensional soundscapes that never turn into cold and machine-like sounds. As with the other collaborations of these two label owners the warmth and the emotional impact is high. Their minds seem to be wired to each other and the technology is merely the interface through which they communicate to produce this futuristic music.

CD tracks:
1 Softwired 27.38
2 Short Return of the Astrogator 0.21
3 Hardwired - Tangent 8.39
4 Hardwired - Hypotenuse 9.33
5 Hardwired - Asymptote 4.39
6 Wear Your Love Out 8.21
7 1969 8.44

From Ambient Moods to straight beats - the collaboration of two Innovative Forces