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Artist: Dandy Jack & Victor Sol
Title: "XJacks - Solid Pressure"
Cat No: PS 08/59
Format: CD (72.33min)
Release date: 09/01/1995 (Limitation:1000 copies)

"XJacks - Solid Pressure"

For this album Victor Sol and Dandy Jack who is one half of "Sieg ber die Sonne"-project joined their forces to create this extraordinary album. Some sort of weird acid ambient which is beatoriented and absolutely moving. Tracks start soft and smooth but develop to a climax that almost makes you freak out at about 200 BPM. You can make this experience especially on track 6.

1 Bonefactory 9.47 min
2 Lunar Icing 13.33 min
3 Spaced Out 8.42 min
4 Snap Jack 9.44 min
5 x-o-Lyde 11.15 min
6 Solid Pressure 8.33 min
7 Celophane 10.59 min

Weird experimental electronic and mostly analog acid ambient.