Track List In Compiled Order:

disc 1:

  1. Ways And Knowing Wenalt (Ways & Knowing)
  2. Magnet Fulcrum (S. Cooper)
  3. Max 404 Shape Shifter (E Van Moll)
  4. Spherical Identity Ortoscopic (C Stroud)
  5. Kabala Eleutheria (S O'Sullivan)
  6. Cherry Bomb Filterback (R Brown)
  7. Y03 Well Balanced Diet (Y03)
  8. Russ Gabriel Digilogic (R Gabriel)
  9. Germ Con (T Wright)

disc 2:

  1. John Dalby Pash (J Dalby)
  2. Takeshi Kurosawa Dialogue (T Kurosawa)
  3. The 7th Plain Wishbone (L Slater)
  4. Beaumont Hannant Volumetric Tendencies (B Hannant)
  5. Dfuse Libra (I Mahoney)
  6. Roupe Three (R Brewer)
  7. Nev Extra To You, Empty For Me (T Prezzano)
  8. Radio Active Lamb Tyrian (J Cicero)

--- GPR - THE MUSIC OF TOMORROW, TODAY --- "Equanimity" - Various Artists (GPR) equani'mity n. evenness of mind or temper; co- mposure; resignation; acceptance of fate; so equanimous a. [f. L acquanimitas (aequanimis f.- aequus even + animus mind; see - ITY)] After four years of growing success, GPR are very proud to present the long awaited album "Equanimity". "Equanimity" is not only GPR's first compilation but also a concept album based on the idea of mental balance. All the tracks on the album have been recorded specially with the theme in mind and consists of 17 tracks by artists from the calibre of Roupe, Max 404, Nev, Germ, John Dalby, Beaumont Hannant, Radio Active Lamb, Russ Gabriel and Luke Slater. Every single "Equanimity" track is exclusive to the album, and with such a formidable line-up you'd be hard pushed to find a better collection of current electronic music anywhere else. With no boundaries just an idea, all the tracks are very, very different, covering all corners of that called electronica; from the slow hip hop mechanics of "Filterback" by Cherry Bomb to the mad distorted beats of Radio Active Lamb's "Tyrian" (it's all in the title), the mellow beauty of the 7th Plain's "Wishbone" and the melodic electro chug of Beaumont Hannant's "Volumetric Tendencies". Cut on three pieces of vinyl and two CD's this is a unique and collectable album. The artwork is up to the usual high standard of GPR (also reflecting the idea) with sleeve notes written by Pete McIntyre of i-D and Mixmag. There will be DJ support from the likes of Mark Broom, Andrew Weatheral, Luke Slater, Mr C, Colin's Favor and Dale and John Peel. Also, there will be a full nationwide advertising campaign in magazines such as NME, Melody Maker, Mixmag, i-D, Select, Vox and the newly formed Musik. These magazines will also be giving full journalistic support. *Please chart wherever possible*