Beaumont Hannant is one of the freshest and most exciting new talents of the new batch of musicians that have emerged from the fledgling British experimental electronic scene. lt is important that Beaumont is not catorgorized as such as his music contains such a wealth of diverse influences, his love of hip-hop and Indie music is well documented and shows in the very individual style of his music. This is a man who makes his own rules in an age where safety and conformity are the Record industry standard. His recording career began in mid 1993 with the release of "Tastes & Textures Vol. l", a four track ep that laid the path for others to follow. Four solid tracks, one for the dancefloor the others mapping the landscapes that are Beaumont's unique world of sound. This was followed in Nov 1993 by 'Basic Data Manipulation: Tastes &Textures Vol.2',a nine track mini-album that proved this was no one-off. Critical acclaim flooded in, Beaumont being named as one of 'The faces of 94" by award-winning magazine Select, one of many very complementary articles including much praise from luminaries such as Andrew Weatherall and Mixmaster Morris. The new year promised big things for Beaumont and his next release was "Tastes &Textures Vol.3", another four track ep that further enforced the fact that Beaumont's star was still well and truly rising. June saw the release of "Texturology", the lp that completed the "'Tastes &Textures' series. "Texturology" was effectively two albums, comprising of twenty original compositions, no room for previously released material or fillers here. One album was released on all formats whilst the other as a limited edition vinyl double pack. Again as with "Basic Data..... the acclaim came from all quarters, whilst sales resulted in a top three independent Album Chart placing. Music from "Texturology" has been used in a Theatre presentation, "'The Traitor", a seventeenth century play that spent a month on the stage at the Bridewell Theatre, adjacent to Fleet Street. This of course gave Beaumont wider exposure and was well received by Time-out and other listings magazines. Beaumont's new project, the "Sculptured" lp, is preceded by 'Ormeau", a single with vocals provided by Lida Husik and guitar playing by Joseph Johnson. This marks a new direction for Beaumont as he casts his creative net far and wide experimenting with rappers, poets and of course, singers. 'Ormeau' is also a landmark for GPR, being complimented by our first foray into promotional videos. Beaumont is currently working on re-works of "Psi-Onyx", the lead track that originally featured on 'Tastes & Textures Vol.1', as well as performing remix duties and pursuing a hectic Djing schedule