General Production Recordings was set up in theory in 1989 by Wayne
Archbold, who witnessed the explosion of the Detroit "Techno" scene in the
UK firsthand. At the time Wayne had noticed that these landtnark
recordings were as much for the mind as well as packing dancefloors up and
down the country. Between 1989-90 Wayne set down his strategy; to release
Avant-Garde computer sequenced music of individual character as Wayne
thought the Dance inusic industry was too "throw-away" , tracks being mere
carbon copies of each other, with short-term potential and lacking real
Hurnan input. The label was launched officially in 1991, the year of the
hardcore breakbea(s)t, G.P.R. broke the trend by exposing the sublime (and
at the time, unknown) Black Dog. Continuing in this vein was (and still is)
the gameplan and many jourlialists and other media people have struggled to
pigeonhole G.P.R., at times described as ambient, "intelligent" techno,
armchair electronica and countless other meaningless and trivial buzzwords.
G.P.R. is a versatile and openminded independent recording label and if
there is one word that must be used to describe the ethos, outlook and
output of G.P.R., then that word must surely be QUALITY.