Nev was Tim Prezzano, a New York resident educated at NYU and RIT with a Photography degree and minors in both Philosophy and American Study Art, as well as extensive study in computer language/music theory, and it's relation to the human psychology. --Nev has developed his own software synthesizer programs and composers, etc, in order to develop his own individual style of music, and in doing so has created a music method exclusive to himself (which in some circles goes by the name "Prezzanimation"-ed.) 'COmputer Journal' quoted: "Nev is 'fascinated' by the world of computing and the increasing similarity that exists between the human and software-based soul (ha ha ha ha!), whilst fiercely dismissing cyberpunk chic as nonsense, believing computing has long been a facet of everyday life and not a passing fashion" Nev's philosophy is to reach the heart of the computer and to tap the code, which is often closely linked to the soul. This is not to say that he believes that life has a code but the machine code itself can mirror an ego. In his own words; "I don't believe in artificial intelligence, but in software touched with life. I like to think that everything I do has the code of my soul within.... even if it is etched deep below the surface". Nev has many difficulties with the above paragraph. Nev's debut release for GPR was the "Indexa Philosopler" ep in June 1994, a six tracker that created a big stir and the cause of several very strange letters sent to GPR requesting information of Nev. Many also commented on the excellent value of the ep. the times being what they are people obviously appreciated six sublime slices of compufunk for their bucks. The next release in October1994 was "My Plasma Block" ep, again six tracks further exploring Nev's magical mainframe music and receiving much welcomed praise. The trilogy was completed with his third ep, "From Above it Ripples Over Stones", yet another six track ep. which brought amazing praise from soup to nuts.
his MUCH awaited LP- "INSIDE NEVSOUND" was not released