Release Date: 9th October 1995
Label: GPR
Formats: CD / Dbl LP / MC
Barcode: CD-5018766 952711
Barcode: LP-5018766 952698
Barcode: MC-5018766 952704

Parallel builds on the reputation achieved through the releases Spanners, Bytes and (previously on GPR) The Temple of Transparent Balls. Parallel is creative, innovative and stimulating, a complete package from the music to the artwork, as you would expect from GPR. In the space of 3 albums, The Black Dog have established themselves at the forefront of the UK music scene. Parallel adds strength and depth to their highly acclaimed cannon of work. The Dog are, as always, in demand. Plans are already in motion for Filmwork: including the soundtrack to Lawnmower Man II and discussions with Ken Russell, Peter Greenaway, Richard Stanley and David Lynch. Collaborations: Ofra Haza to Kylie Minogue. Remixes: Blondie's "Fade Away and Radiate", other projects are cooking from REM to East 17. MultiMedia: Electronic Arts CD Rom project is planned. TV: The Black Dog will co-host MTV's Party Zone. The full range of specialist press has been serviced, and a national press campaign will include ad's in NME, Melody Maker, Musik, Mix Mag, i-D, Select, Jockey Slut, Vox and The Guardian newspaper. Pre-release album reviews will be covered by Emma Warren, Pete McIntyre and Sue Masters. And a GPR Profile will appear in The Lizard, PIN mag and Eternity.

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