Based in Manchester, Roupe has been making electronic music since 1991 but has been involved in music since childhood. Weaned on classical music Roupe discovered the electric guitar at the tail end of punk. He played in a number of past-punk indie bands until, sick of both guitar music and rock in general, and of being let down by other non-committed members of bands a friend showed him what could be achieved musically with a computer and he has since been making music electronically. he considers himself not as an electronic music composer but rather as someone who simply uses technology to make music. In the past Roupe has made electronic music for various theatre and dance projects. Musically, his influences are diverse, ranging from disco, jazz, dub and latin, through to classical music. Roupe is now a signed artist to GPR Group of Companies with his first debut album entitled: Strom. Roupe is also developing and working on his new album, untitled as yet. We at GPR have great faith and belief in Roupe and his future as a performing artist. Watch out - Roupe is developing at a very fast rate.