Luke Stater is a very prolific recording artist working under several pseudonyms making a wide variety of electronic music. His name is spoken by Laurent Garnier and Damon Wild amongst many others as "The man most likely to......." for 1995. If he were a football team he'd be up challenging Man Utd for the title! His story begins at the Mi Price record store, Croydon, where he workect alongside Colin Dale (no introductions necessary) and Alan Sage (recording partner-to-be) and moved on to jelly jam Records of Brighton where his recording career really began. Luke's vinyl debut was unleashed in 1989 under the Translucent moniker entitled "Momentary Vision". Released only as a white label it stood out for the fact that it was Detroit influenced and at the time the dancefloors rocked to the sound of the breakbea(s)t and so was a brave move that did not go un-noticed by the underground record clientele. A long wait was instore for the follow-up "Inheritance" ep, released in 1991 continued his voyage thru the techno underground and another 12" "Integrated Harmony" was released this time under the name Machine.These were both released on the in-store label jelly jam. Morganistic was next, a beautifully chilled track "In The Shadow", released on the obscure UK indie label Irdial, it was the label's most successful release and marked Luke's arrival as a leading light on the then blossoming UK scene alongside Black Dog, A.R.T., AFX Twin and B12. Luke then released three twelves on Dutch Diva Saskia Sleger's much revered Djax-Up-Beats imprint under the name Clementine being "The Opening", "Time Explored" and a 12" Double-pack "Cosmopolitan For The Cosmos". Also, not being one to sit back and relax, he released five Twelves and an album for the UK underground label Peace Frog under his own name (The X-TrontTrilogy), and the Planetary Assault Systems moniker (The Planetary Funk Trilogy), these releases spanning from 1991-94 and all further compounding the fact that Luke had really gained promotion to the Techno premier league.