1: SIDTH STUDIO - SOUND GENERATION All sound is generated using custom-built digital/analogue storage system: the Dass, through which sound sources are transmuted via selective application of the bodean frequency shifter. All digital/analogue transformations occur via intersection of cosmic/terrestrial convergence points (or nodes) of ley lines on and in Sidth Studios. The Dass and all other storage media are housed atop standing stones which further amplify and modify the energies emitted from the ley line nodes and the stored sounds. The end result from the process of sound generation and storage is a multi-leveled-hyperinteractive-exponentially-evolving sound image as revealed and inspired by ultra-sentient non-corporeal acoustic entities residing within and around Sidth Studio.

2: OUTPUT YEAR 1 - THE GREEN RAY Embryonic realization of original hyperboreal resonance resulting from obtuse consultation with the so called Seven Cosmic Rays. Resultant Green Ray, followed by Blue, Jupiter and final Omega Rays, was original bud of organic growth emitting potentially fatal subharmonic frequency of 7 cycles per second. Organic encounter of the intimate kind creates extreme effects, altering organismic circadian rhythms and reorientation to Original Cosmic Tuning Frequency. End result: disorientation, disintegration, transformation; also known as the Horn of Jericho Effect. All walls fall down in the face of new organismic tuning. The search ensues.

3: OUTPUT YEAR 2 - 0 Sunkings retire to sacred Nemeton to contemplate, meditate and formulate potential of new sonic capabilities. Members incommunicado for one full year. Sunkings re-emerge ready to actualize fruits of its dynamic sabbatical.

4: OUTPUT YEAR 3 - HALL OF HEADS LP CD Original impetus occurs during visitation in sabbatical to ancient city of carnac. After applications of various ritual oils and essences, ashes of magi were scattered around ley line nodes circumnavigating the sacred central spot in a hypercosmic pattern during Walpurgis night. Resulting visions revealed semi-conscious pathway to the etheral Nemeton or so called Tir-Na-Nog. Travel along pathway reveals microtonal scales, sub-and-ultra-harmonic distortions, and hitherto unknown acoustic vibrations which reflect a neo-romantic sensibility, spiritual yet scientific. This stands against the contemporary structures and strictures imposed by the so called 'classical electronic' offerings. End result from ensuing trances and tantric states reflects an over stimulation of interactive left-right brain chemistry thus inducing a seratonin saturation in tissues in central nervous system and brain. Brain in head, head in hall, sound on CD.

5: OUTPUT YEAR 4 - TARA LP CD One year in the making, new offering born from special live performance in performance in planetarium Copenhagen Denmark on Samain year 4. Gig first reveals special six way sound system based on interactive energies stored in one of nine-sided Laser encrypted crystal which interfaces with sound system. Result is the sonic equivalent of the stoppage of space and time-stasis. Coupled with custom generated 3d computer graphics, the synchronised sound and imagery created harmonic alpha brainwave resonance inducing central nervous system overload in all participants. Hyper-sensitive laser crystal self-destructs in vain attempt to override unleased energies. Sunkings return to UK in 30 hour journey following geo/cosmic ley lines back to Sidth Studios. Ever-present ultra-sentient non-corporeal acoustic entities provide energy for recuperation inspiration, instruction for creation of Tara.


  • PICKED by Brian Eno "Burning Buddha", a track from Sun King's first album, 'Hall Of Heads', was chosen by Brian Eno for inclusion on the 'Antenna 1' compilation (alongside Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, Bomb the Bass, Tindersticks, Lisa Germano)
  • PLAYED by John Peel Tracks from Sun King's EP, 'Heart of the Sun', were played on Radio 1 by John Peel
  • REVIEWED by Melody Maker, Select, Vox, Mixmag, Echos, Arena And favourably too. "What better way to spend the summer than to listen to the Sun Kings spiffing first album?" said the maker. "Give these guys some soundtrack work," added Arena.
  • MENTIONED in Music Week Sun Kings were one of four bands highlighted by the music industry's bible, following the star-studded Pagan Funwear evening in June
  • HEADLINED in Copenhagen Sun Kings played the National Planetarium in Copenhagen last October, to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Both TV and radio picked up on the event, which sold out in two-and-a-half hours.
  • RELEASED on GPR On the GPR label, Sun Kings have released one EP (which sold 1500 units); and one album (2500). Before GPR, the band released one single (1700) and one EP (3000) on Creed - 808 State's label. Before Creed, Sun Kings released four 12" EPs on their own label, totalling 3600 sales. Total sales to date: 12300
  • APPROVED by the author Brian Eno likes the band's new version of "Heroes", the song he co-wrote with David Bowie.