RI030 B2 (CD)
Atom Heart Live in
Berlin and Barcelona

is Rather Interesting's first "live" CD. Being one of the pioneers of presenting electronic music in a live situation who already launched a clubhit in 1993 in the U.K. ("Electronikkaa/Electronique" on Rising High/Klang Records), this is Atom Heart's second official live recording. Both tracks have been released on festivals Atom Heart played in 1994; The Interference Festival (that was connected to the Berlin Love Parade) and The Sonar Festival in Barcelona. The music played on these two events slowly develops, starting with a calm humming atmosphere but later on turns into a net2 of rhythms, sequences and unsynchronized loops coming from lo-tech cassette recorders. Although the same equipment as well as the same raw material was used on both gigs, the music finally turns into different directions.