RI039 +N - Built (CD)

The CD "Built" from the meanwhile well established project +N is presented as Rather Interesting's release RI039. On more than 70 minutes +N offers us a thrilling yet humourous travel into their vision of sound as we already know it from their two previous releases on Geometrik and Fax records. Re-inventing as well as absorbing and denying the term 'krautrock', this CD could be seen as a statement of the new German avantgarde; beautiful atmospheric tracks like 'watson' or 'lo db' are confronted with programmings such as the jungelish 'wook danube' or the cold 'elektron'. Produced by Atom Heart and Victor Sol from Barcelona (known from his various releases on Fax, Hypnotism, Geometrik and others) "Built" steps into a new, digital aera of electronic sound that does not accept the established parameters of todays music.