RI037 HAT (CD)
Hyper Active Textures

With HAT, Rather Interesting is introducing a new but well known musician, a pioneer of electronic music into the circle: Haruomi Hosono, founding member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, is one of the three members that make up HAT. The project was produced by all three of them in studios in Tokyo, Frankfurt and New York and presents 6 tracks that are all highly complex rhythmical masterpieces. Funk Coaster starts a minimal funky rhythm session that turns into a pure elektro-jazz-jam session which is highly danceable until you don't use your brain. Sleep Run on the other hand combines Hosono's aesthetic of dry rhythm and chord structures with the alternating programming of Atom Heart and the abstract textural explorations of Tetsu Inoue. The slower and mellower tracks like Organic Mango and Kubrick are no less rhythmical but balance the album perfectly by using beautiful ambient surfaces and fluffy chord progression. Enough description, don;t miss out on this electronic milestone.