RI028 Masters of Psychedelic Ambience - MU (CD)

Again Rather Interesting presents the result of a collaboration that already proved their skills. This time under the name 'Masters of Psychedelic Ambience', Tetsu Inoue and Atom Heart produced the CD entitled 'MU'. The Japanese word 'MU' stands for 'emptyness' but more in a spiritual sense. The music on 'MU' stands for innovative ambience' that is far away from all kinds of cliches we know so far. 'MU' contains 27 titles that reach from chilling monochrome tones to weird layered dub grooves de-synchronizing your perception, drifting and spaced out. Some people say 'MU' refers to 'trip' experiences but 'Rather Interesting' of course denies the connection to any kind of drugs.