RI038 MonoTM (CD)

At first sight, Mono Trademark, Rather Interesting's newest CD release seems to be a generic electro album but after a few seconds of listening you will find out that it's more than that. In a highly complex and abstract manner, electro, jazz, ambient and other undefined styles are merged into an astonishing image of rhythms, harmonies and space. Starting with a quote, Greetings From Planet Knowledge turns out to be more than a homage to electro-esthetic and morphs into freestyle jazz, followed by Tag Layer, Cruel Channel or the serious "E" Stands For Electro which are all highly rhythmical, multilayered futuristic neo-electro tracks. Titles like Urbantative or Inflatable Rasta Wig perfectly ballance the album with mellow, smooth programmings. Mono Trademark is a statement of innovation, cutting established styles into pieces... when you cut into the present, the future leakes through.