RI040 Datacide - Ondas (CD)

With RI040, Rather Interesting presents another production from the meanwhile well known and well established duo Tetsu Inoue/Atom Heart working under the name of Datacide. One year after their fabulous R.I. album named Flowerhead, they come back again with another step forward exploring the files of psychedelic sounds. This time in a rather conceptual manner, they are drifting between unusual ambient textures, environmental images, humourous entertainment and (yes!) psychedelic pop structures. The album title Ondas, the Spanish word for waves, pretty much sets the image: all kinds of waves, frequencies and vibrations are featured as well as used on this outstanding production. Shortwave textures are blended into sinewave modulated erotic funk tunes and in between little quotations are dropped such as the track "onsurf" which is dedicated to the beach boy Brian Wilson. The mood is positive, the drink is served, please relax...this is Ondas.