RI033 Real Intelligence (CD)
Rather Interesting Compilation
RI033V Real Intelligence (2X12")

  1. Alaska (Flextone) 05.55
    Release number one. Made for the frozen dancefloor. Beyond style.
  2. Seaweed (Dots) 10.02
    Elevator music. Hi-res mellow textures. Laid back 20 hz. Understand?
  3. VSVN #3 (VSVN) 06.39
    Very synthetic virtual noise. NASA did not complain yet. Psychedelic.
  4. Flowerhead (Datacide) 09.33
    Hypnotising lounge music. A splendid time is guaranteed for all...
  5. My Life as a Zip-File (Interactive Music) 08.32
    Nature is within the machine. Randomness as an organizing element.
  6. Rather Sleep Than Dance (Masters of Psychedelic Ambiance) 05.56
    This is no fake. End of century. Magic display. 27 digital snapshots.
  7. Stac! (Semiacoustic Nature) 05.56
    The biologists biggest enemy is biology itself! What about musicians?
  8. Congo (Silver Sound) 06.06
  9. K-Jam (Bass) 06.39
    A binary amplified super stereo recording. Beaty: Total separation.
  10. Eigen Value (Real Intelligence) 05.55
    The guassian surface algorhythm. Reality operating without science.
  11. Clear File (Real Intelligence) 06.48
    Crude groove but smart visuals: Pictures of Jap girls in synthesis.
  12. Future housing (Real Intelligence - vinyl only) 06.10