RI041 Real Intelligence II (CD)
Rather Interesting Compilation

  1. Binal True (Dandy Jack) 08.07
    Introducing the Cosmic Trousers saying: GOD SAVE THE PROGRAMMERS
  2. Copocabana Palace (Machine Paisley) 07.04
    This was number one in Rather Interesting's mental retrofit series
  3. Male Box (Brown) 08.13
    Greetings to U.S. Customs and thanks for taking it really serious.
  4. Organic Mango (HAT) 06.30
    Global network Frankfurt-New York-Tokyo. Highly Active Textures.
  5. "E" Stands For Electro (Mono Trademark) 08.41
    Merging already established urban style terminologies. Beauty: Mono.
  6. Wook Danube (+N) 06:39
    Lessons in advanced harddisk scratching and komplex schneiden.
  7. Stereo Kiss (Datacide) 09.25
    Ondas. Waves. Frequencies. Headphone listening not recommended.
  8. Natural Blur (Real Intelligence II) 04:56
    Real Intelligence front photo 'Natural Blur' style taken by Arielle.
  9. Crane Spotting (Real Intelligence II) 03.54
    Design sampling by Linger Decoree. Digitally mastered at sel i/s/c.
  10. Intel. Inside (Real Intelligence II) 06.20
    We want to thank all those who supported. Inspired and listened....