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Welcome to ref web 001 - the unofficial Reflective Records web site. Reflective Records is a label started in the early 1990's by Jonah Sharp, his wife Billee, and a few friends. The label's first release was the massive Flurescence EP by Spacetime Continuum. Only 500 original twelves were pressed, and 1000 were reissued on the Source label. Now highly collectible, Spacetime's first EP, and the Reflective label, helped launch Jonah's electronic music career.

Other artists also got their start on the influential Reflective label. Mostly San Francisco based artists have been published on Reflective.

True to its name, many releases on the Reflective label feature eye-catching holographic artwork.

This web site is just getting started. We would love to hear from you. If you have any information to contribute about the label, discography, artists, or anything else, please write to us at

Reflective has been on hiatus since around 1996 or so, while Jonah has been producing music, touring, DJing, and raising a family. He has said in recent interviews that new projects are being lined up and the label will again become active.

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