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name: Spacetime Continuum
members: Jonah Sharp
formed in: 1991
based in: San Francisco, USA

Jonah Sharp is the head of Reflective Records. His most well-known project is Spacetime Continuum, and he has also collaborated with musicians such as Pete Namlook, Plaid, Bill Laswell, Tetsu Inoue, David Moufang, and Mixmaster Morris. His latest releases include the "Double Fine Zone" LP and the "Future Life" EP on Astralwerks.

reflective records releases:
REF 001 - Flurescence EP (Spacetime Continuum)
REF 006 - Reagenz EP (Reagenz)
REF 007 - 220v (Wechselspannung)
REF 015 - Remit Recaps 1 (Spacetime Continuum)
REF 016 - Remit Recaps 2 (Spacetime Continuum)
REF CD 001 - Ambiento (Alien Community)
REF LP 001 - Synoptics (Spacetime Continuum)
REF CD 002 - Synoptics (Spacetime Continuum)
REF CD 003 - Reagenz (Reagenz)
REF CD 007 - Emit Ecaps (Spacetime Continuum)
REF CD 009 - Remit Recaps (Spacetime Continuum)

aliases and other projects:
Alien Community (Pete Namlook and Jonah Sharp), Wechselspannung (Pete Namlook and Jonah Sharp), Reagenz (David Moufang and Jonan Sharp), Electro Harmonix (Tetsu Inoue and Jonah Sharp), Emit Ecaps (Jonah Sharp), Strange Attractor (Jonah Sharp).

external links:
Spacetime Continuum fanspace (hosted by hyperreal)
Spacetime Continuum (official Astralwerks site)

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