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(from Charles Uzzell Edwards, 07 June 1999)

In the past 8 years I have worked with Jonah on djing at a lot of chill rooms and doing the first ambient clubs that happened in SF. The first on record was a one off Sunday event at the Eagle, a gay bar on Market Street.

We did a one off called the 'ch ill out cafe' on Haight Street and then 'The ambient club', a regular weekly gig (original name eh!) at the coco club and eventually moved to doing 'the Gardening club' at the Caribbean Zone where Jonah was a guest DJ a lot. I worked on the artwork for 'Ambiento' and hooked him up with Pete Namlook, Tetsu Inoue, and Astralwerks.

In return, once at a party at Russian River, Jonah showed me a battery operated Roland 606 and that moment changed the course of my life, making me want to make music rather than just play records that other people have made. I am sure Jonah has been an inspiration to many heads all over the world. (see attatched picture of me asleep on that very day ... photo by Jonah or Billee). I am very proud to own two copies of Jonah's Flurescence ep on Reflective which I think is a brilliant record, my favorite of all the records they released.

c.u.e. and the battery operated roland 606

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