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(email interview with Jason Williams, 20 June 1999)

ref web: Hi Jason, What are some of your best memories from the era when you were with Reflective?

j.williams: Hmm, I'd have to say that at the Interference Festival, Love Parade '94, walking in the front gate of the Tresor with Jonah & Billee and realizing that Dr. Motte was playing my record at that moment was a pretty good thing. All the live shows that Reflective was involved with were pretty amazing, bringing MMMorris over for the first time, and Black Dog/Plaid for the first time, great stuff.

ref web: What are your goals for your new Parallel labal, as far as introducing new artists?

j.williams: The hard part is finding people on the same wavelength, not people that want to be the "next big thing." But I'd like to do as many things as possible.

ref web: In what ways did working with Reflective and Jonah Sharp benefit your music career?

j.williams: Jonah's been very influential in many ways, but probably the most important is that you need to follow your own vision, it's not easy, and don't think that you're entitled to anything. You have to work for it.

ref web: Thanks Jason! Good luck with your new record label.

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