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(email interview with David Moufang, 24 June 1999)

ref web: Hi david,

d.moufang: Ho brett!

ref web: The Reagenz album has some of my favourite ambient tracks on it (A and U in particular - tracks 1 and 3 on the reflective release). I'm interested to know what it was like for you to work with Jonah Sharp?

d.moufang: Absolutely great, the best time i ever had working with anybody else (except for jonas [grossman, deep space network -ed.])! Jonah is just a wizzard on his machines, especially in a live situation, like back then when we did reagenz in s.f. & in heidelberg.

ref web: Do you remember when those sessions were?

d.moufang: Nope not exactely but I know it was in springtime in san fran and mid summer in heidelberg, both sessions in 94.

ref web: Were there any completed tracks that weren't released?

d.moufang: Yeah, there is one track (the very first take) from the san francisco session which was unfortunately too distorted to be released. Quite a bummer - I really love the track - it is very ambient. The fuck up happened because it was the first session for jonah with his new mackie desk and he hadn't checked out the headroom before...

ref web: What was Jonah's studio like?

d.moufang: Loved his studio on harrison street! A warehouse building with wooden floor, you could rollerblade inside the studio, if you wanted to! The gear was setup in the middle of the big, big room, like an island. He had all sorts of vintage analogue gear in there - great!

ref web: Thanks for chatting with us David!

d.moufang: Welcommmmme! david

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