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Nexus 21/C&M Connection/Altern 8 = Chris Peat & Mark Archer
DJ Nex/Xen Mantra = Mark Archer
Slo Moshun = Mark Archer & Danny Taurus

Label Title Catalog Number Group
Blue Chip The Rhythm Of Life (LP) Blue Tec2 10/89 NEXUS 21
Blue Chip Still Life BlueC 34T 9/89 NEXUS 21
Blue Chip Still Life (Remix) BlueC 34R NEXUS 21
Network Another Night NWKT3 5/90 C&M CONNECTION
Network Still Life (Detroit Remix) NWKT6 4/90 NEXUS 21
R&S Logical Progression (Import) RS909 10/90 NEXUS 21
Network Self Hypnosis (DJ Promo 12") BIODJ1 8/90 NEXUS 21
Network Overload (EP) NWKT10 ALTERN8
Network Flutes (DJ Promo 12") BIODJ2 4/91 C&M CONNECTION
Network Progressive Logic EP NWKT15 12/90 NEXUS 21
Network The Vertigo EP NWKT24 ALTERN8
Network The Vertigo EP (Remix) NWKTR24 ALTERN8
Network Activ-8 NWKT34 ALTERN8
Network I Know We Can Make It (Promo) NWKT35 2/91 NEXUS 21
Stafford North Frequency/Shelleys Gig (DJ Only 12") ALTERN8
Network Frequency (Limited Edition 12") NWKT37 ALTERN8
Network E-Vapor-8 NWKT38 ALTERN8
Network Hypnotic St-8 NWKT49 ALTERN8
Network Full On..Mask Hysteria (LP) TOPLP1/TOPCD1 ALTERN8
Network Shame (Limited Edition 10") NWKTEN56 ALTERN8 vs. EVELYN KING
Network Brutal-8-E NWKT59 ALTERN8
Network Full On..Mask Hysteria(Pic Disc) A8PIC1 ALTERN8
Stafford North The Stafford North EP SN01 7/92 DJ NEX
Stafford South Midas EP SS02 XEN MANTRA
Stafford North Poundstretcher EP SN03 11/92 DJ NEX
Network Everybody NWKT73 6/93 ALTERN8
Network Everybody (Remixes) NWKTR73 ALTERN8
Network (Six6) Bells Of N.Y. SixT108 SLO MOSHUN
Network (Six6) Bells Of N.Y. Remixes SixTR108 SLO MOSHUN

Pandella, Pet Shop Boys, Inner City, Skin Up, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Phuture Assassins.....

In detail:

ALTERN 8 - THE VERTIGO EP (Network Records NWK24)
1 07:05 Infiltrate 202
2 05:15 Real Time Status (Hand Of God Remix)
3 05:35 The 1st Of May
4 03:46 Infiltrate 202 (7" Version)
ALTERN 8 - ACTIV 8 (COME WITH ME) (Network Records NWKT34)
A1 Activ 8 (Hardcore Holocaust Mix)
A2 Activ 8 (Vix-Vapo Mix)
B1 Move My Body (Hard Hardcore Mix)
B2 Re-Indulge (Freetown Mix)
ALTERN 8 - ACTIV 8 (COME WITH ME) (Network Records NWKCD34)
1 Activ 8 (Holocaust 7" Edit)
2 Activ 8 (Vix-Vapo Mix)
3 Move My Body (Hard Hardcore Mix)
4 Frequency (Hallucin 8 Mix)
ALTERN 8 - EVAPOR 8 (Network Records NWKCD38)
1 Evapor 8 (Inciner 8 Mix)
2 Evapor 8 (Disintigr 8 Mix)
3 Armageddon (Radi 8 Mix)
4 Infiltrate 202 (Altern 8 Vs Asterix And Space Remix)
ALTERN 8 - HYPNOTIC ST-8 (Network Records NWKT49)
A1 Hypnotic St-8 (Higher St-8 Mix)
A2 DJ Nex's Break
B1 Infiltrate 202 (Joey Beltram Remix)
B2 Armageddon (We H-8 Garage Mix)
ALTERN 8 - HYPNOTIC ST-8 (Network Records NWKCD49)
1 Hypnotic St-8 (St-8 Of Art Edit)
2 Hypnotic St-8 (Higher St-8 Mix)
3 Infiltrate 202 (Joey Beltram Remix)
4 Prolifer-8
A1 Jungle Brutalism Mix
A2 Z-Trance Mix
B1 Version De La Wobble
B2 One For John (DJ Nex Mix)
1 Move My Body
2 Infiltrate 202
3 E-Vapor-8
4 8's Revenge
5 Frequency
6 Real Time Status
7 First Of May
8 Hypnotic St-8
9 Activ-8
10 Brutal-8-E
11 A D-8 With Plezure
12 Armageddon
13 Give It To Baby
14 Re-Indulge
A1 Move My Body
A2 Infiltrate 202
A3 E-Vapor-8
A4 8's Revenge
A5 Frequency
B6 Hypnotic St-8
B7 Activ-8
B8 Brutal-8-E
B9 A D-8 With Plezure
B10 Armageddon
A side: Money in the bank paid for the tank
B side: Greetings to DJ Nex, Peatie, Midget Gem, Chicken Strangler, The Deck Wazzok and Crusher.
DJ NEX - THE POUNDSTRETCHER EP (Nov 1992, Stafford North SN3)
A1 Sweep
A2 At The Controls
A3 The Dub
A4 1-2-3
B5 One For The Feelgood Crew
B6 Fast As F**K
B7 Nex' Theme (Part 2)
B8 Rock The Place
XEN MANTRA - THE MIDAS EP (Stafford South SS2)
A1 Golden Delicious (Dandy Lion & Burdock Remix)
A2 Golden Delicious (OM.C+B Remix)
B1 Golden Delicious (Original Le Crunch Mix)
B2 Goowon (High Hands Mix)
ALTERN 8 - EVERYBODY (June 1993, Network NWKT73)
A1 Everybody (Altern 8's Easy Chill Mix)
A2 Everybody (2 Bad Mice Remix)
B3 Domin 8 (Origin 8 in Detroit Mix)
B4 Dub PL-8
SLO MOSHUN - BELLS OF N.Y. / I FEEL HIGH (Jan 1994, Six6 Records SixT108)
A1 Bells Of N.Y. (House 2 House)
A2 Bells Of N.Y. (Summertime Mix)
B1 I Feel High (12" Club Mix)
B2 I Feel High (Brass Rub-A-Dub)
SLO MOSHUN - REMIXES (Jan 1994, Six6 Records SixTR108)
A1 Bells Of N.Y. (Luvdups Brief History Of Dance Remix)
A2 I Feel High (Ramones Dirty Dub)
B1 Bells Of N.Y. (Xen Mantr'a Beefy Bells Mix)
B2 Got To Find
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