EXperimental Records Discography

EX01 Alex Alot- Jacob Your God

EX02 Egyptian Empire- The Horn Track (Tim Taylor)

EX03 Rising Sons (Tim Taylor & Damon Wild)
     Afghan Acid (Toxic Two remix)

EX04 Possessor- Possessor (James T. Alfano and Mike Lafferty)

EX05 Aurabora (Damon Wild & Tim Taylor)
     E Strings
     Magic Kingdom

EX06 Modulator (Freddie Fresh)
     Timmy's Trance

EX07 EX-Breaks - "20 Essential Breaks for DJ's"

EX08 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde- 303 System

EX09 Comatone EP (Freddie Fresh)
     2 Many Signals
     Deep Sleep

EX10 Ray Love Presents - Arabian Warfare
     Harem Breakdown
     Lawrence Of Arabia Mix

EX11 Modulator- Painkiller EP (Freddie Fresh)
     Bad Trip 

EX12 Paul Mix- The New Millenium (Damon Wild & Tommy Musto)
     Tranceatlantic Remix
     Tranceatlantic Dub
     Original Mix

EX13 Advanced Waveform Synthetix (Freddie Fresh (The Modulator))
     Fantasia (Original)
     Fantasia (Angels Sing)
     Fantasia (Mind Control)
     Suffering Souls
     Alex's Rhyme

EX14 DJ ESP(Woody McBride)- The Earthworm Sings
     Wet Dirt

EX15 Code 6 (Joey Beltram)
     Third Aura
     Last Voyage
     After Life

EX16 Symphony Of Love (Ray Love)
     Spirit Of Love

EX17 Bio-Dreams (Michael M)
     Dream Sequence (R. Miguel)
     White Sands
     2099 (The White Room)

EX18 Electric Indigo (S. Kirchmayr, P. Pulsinger & E. Tunakan)
     No Headroom

EX19 Lazer Worshippers (Damon Wild & Tim Taylor)
     Lazer Worshipper's Theme
     Golden Gate
     Free Flight

EX20 Rising Sons
     Afghan Acid (Tim Taylor)
     Osmosis (Ray Love/Damon Wild)
     Cathedral (Ray Love/Damon Wild)

EX21 Natural Glow (DJ ESP (Woody McBride))
     Hardest Work

EX22 Diffusion (Jack D. Elliot)
     Even Moaning

EX23 Damon Wild - Nightvision
     Nuclear Sun

EX24 Bio Dreams - the return to paradise (M. Miquel)
     Synthetic 9 (Movements In Time)
     Snake Charmer (4AM Mix)
     Body In Motion (Back To Basics Mix)

EX25 Aurasfere (Dennis Ferrer)
     The Greenhouse Effect
     Sunrise On Epsilon
     For Simple Minds

EX26 Rising Sons- Afghan Acid RMXS

EX27 Shape Changer (Cari Lekebusch)
     A1 Analytic Groove
     A2 Pulse Wave
     B  String of Love
     C1 Dream Chaser
     C2 Filter Mirror
     D  The Progress

EX28 Cyan (Bryan Zentz)
     I Hear Voices

EX29 Diffusion (Jack D. Elliot)
     A. DCB Phase
     B. Firewater

EX30 Magenta EP (Cari Lekebusch and David Oesterberg)
     Memory Panic  

     bonus 7"
     A. Kobalth Blue
     B. The Beginning...The End (originally released on Mind EXpansions CD)

EX31 Ray Love "Symphony Of  Love II" (Tim Taylor and Dan Zamani)  
     Quantum Leap 
     Quantum Leap (Stanley Cup  Mix)   

EX32 The Blue Dot Technique (Jack Elliot for Freqy Reso Productions and
     Bryan Zentz.  B1 produced by Jack Elliot, B2 produced by Bryan Zentz)
     A. Serax
     B. Sexalog

EX33 Cyan "Starkness EP" (Brian Zentz)  
     Strata I  
     Strata II   

EX34 F. Giorgions "The  Underground Dominations EP"  
     The Underground Source 
     Native Of The Dominations
     Groove System 
     Guitar  Fly  

CD Compilations:

EXCD1  15 Various Artists- Experimental Vol.1
 1. 06:40 Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (original mix)
          (Tim Taylor)
 2. 06:15 Biting Back - She's Breaking Up (original mix)
          (Mickey Finn, Licensed from Fokus UK)
 3. 04:52 Revelation - Synth It (original mix)
          (Mondo Muzique and Andre "Phenix Estrada")
 4. 05:07 Toxic Two - Chemical Reaction (unreleased mix by Tim Taylor)
          (Damon Wild and Ray Love, Licensed from Vista Sounds Int'l)
 5. 05:40 First Prodject - Right Before (unreleased mix)
          (Tim Taylor, Licensed from Fokus UK)
 6. 06:23 N20 - Lazer Worshippers (original mix)
          (Damon Wild and Tim Taylor)
 7. 05:20 Morgan/Wild - Trancemission (original mix)
          (Damon Wild and Dan Morgan)
 8. 06:14 Possessor - Possessor (unreleased mix)
          (James T. Alfano and Mike Lafferty)
 9. 06:24 Sun Gods - Envision (unreleased Peace of Mind mix)
          (Wedge/Stickley, Licensed from JSE
10. 04:08 Mass Hysteria - 2 Mosh 2 (original mix)
11. 07:40 Aurabora - Strings (original mix)
          (Damon Wild and Tim Taylor)
12. 04:44 Peace of Mind - Acid Overdose (original mix)
          (Damon Wild and Ray Love)
13. 03:05 Modulator - Maximum Pulse (unreleased mix)
          (Freddie Fresh)
14. 06:09 In World Journey - Undine Water Ceremony (original mix)
          (Damon Wild and Dan Morgan)
15. 06:40 Mystery Man - DJ Business (original mix)
          (Mystery Man, Licensed from Fokus UK)

EXCD2  13 Various Artists- Experimental Vol.2

1.  06:35 Bio-Dreams - Dream Sequence (Michael M.)
2.  05:42 Equinox - Pollux (Damon Wild & DJ Repete)
3.  06:50 Dome Patrol - The Cutting Edge (orginal mix) 
          (Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani)
4.  06:32 Paul Mix - New Millenium (transatlantic mix)
          (Paul Mix, remix by Damon Wild & Tommy Musto)
5.  03:47 Code 6 - The Afterlife (Joey Beltram)
6.  07:01 DJ ESP - Wet Dirt (Woody McBride)
7.  07:37 Modulator - Lexicon (Freddie Fresh)
8.  06:34 Dome Patrol - Technology Delivers (Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani)
9.  06:51 Electric Indigo - No Headroom (S.Kerchmeyer, P.Pulsinger, E.Tunakan)
10. 04:26 303 System - Midex (Damon Wild - DJ Repete)
11. 04:27 Symphony Of Love - Tranquility (Ray Love)
12. 03:51 Parallax - Soundscape (cd only mix) (Damon Wild & Freddie Fresh)
13. 05:45 Dome Patrol - The Cutting Dub (remixed by Damon Wild)

EXCD3  The Afghan Flashbacks - Damon Wild & Tim Taylor
1. Afghan Acid (Original Mix)
2. The Toxic 2 Reconstruction*
3. Toxic 2 (Valium Mix)*
4. Biodreams Aqualude Mix**
5. The Darkwolf Reconstruction**
6. Biodreams Faster Than Light Remix**
7. Citric Acid
8. Osmosis***

* & *** remixed by Ray Love & Damon Wild
*** additional production by Michael Miquel

EXCD4  Mind EXpansions
 1. 08:47  Shape Changer - The Beginning...the end (previously unreleased)
 2. 09:53  Heaven & Earth - Heaven & Earth (Resurrection)
           (on "?" Records as 0-002)
 3. 02:20  Symphony of Love - Spirit of Love (edit) (on EX-16)
 4. 06:51  Cyan - Doorways (previously unreleased)
 5. 04:46  Lazer Worshippers - Reprise (on EX-19)
 6. 05:55  Bio Dreams - Snake Charmer (on EX-24)
 7. 06:45  Rising Sons - Afghan Acid (Toxic Two remix) (on EX-03)
 8. 05:47  Diffusion - Lushes (on EX-22)
 9. 07:41  Shape Changer - Time Has Changed (previously unreleased)
10. 07:12  Aurasfere - The Greenhouse Effect (on EX-25)
11. 06:04  Cyan - Iodine (on EX-28)
12. 06:57  Morgan - Easter (previously unreleased)

I have no connections or associations with this label. To my knowledge, EXperimental no longer exists. I believe they closed around 1995. Therefore, I have no plans to update this page further. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the music and the information.

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