A Guy called Gerald (rough discography)

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Subject: Re: A guy called Gerlad
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 1994 23:48:30 GMT

. Here's a quick and dirty A Guy Called Gerald discography, by no means complete:
There are 2 lps (that I know of), an early one that contains the song "hot lemonade" and a second, more recent one (well,1989 or1990) that I believe is self titled. The first I have only seen on vinyl and the second on both vinyl and cd. As for 12"singles: so far I've seen Automanikk (4 mixes + Voodoo Ray Americas) on Columbia? and another Automanikk on a uk label? (no Voodoo Ray) there are also two versions of the FX 12", one with the aforementioned Specific Hate. There is a remix 12" of Voodoo Ray on Rham. I've also seen an ep called something like Juice Box (purple cartoonish label?). As far as compilations go, I've only seen Gerald once: On a tape I found in the bargain bin called North: Dance Sounds of the Underground (an old acid sampler circa 88). It features Voodoo Ray. Evidently FX made it into the top ten in the UK some years back.

Please excuse the vagueness of this, as I am pulling it all of the top of my head.

Oh, BTW - a random question- the cover art of the Gerald lp is by someone called 'Wigan'. Baby Ford did a song called 'Wigan'. William Gibson had a character in one of his books (Neuromancer?) named 'Wigan Ludgate'. Does anybody have any info on Wigan-- who-what-where-when?

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From: mikec@praxis.co.uk (Mike Chace)
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 1994 11:34:41 GMT

Gerald (yes, the same one who was part of State 808/808 State in the early days) has been releasing stuff regularly on the "Juice Box" label. Everyone of his releases has been excellent, sometimes mellow and dubby, other times hard-as-nails 170bpm hardcore.

"Hardcore, you know the score!"

From: Dom@sound.demon.co.uk (The Dark Stranger)
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 19:54:06 +0000

1988: Voodoo Ray 12" - WAR-038 (Warlock, US)
Extended Mix 4:27
Gerald's Rham on Acid Remix 6:23
Paradise Ballroom Mix 8:04
Penthouse Mix 4:54
Voodoo Raydio Mix 3:57
1989: Voodoo Ray 12" - RX8804 (Rham! Records, England)
Voodoo Ray (Remix) 6:20
Voodoo Ray (Radio Mix)
Voodoo Ray (Original Mix)
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