Hard Hands Records Discography

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HAND 001T   Leftfield: Release The Pressure
            The Vocal Mix
            The Rough Dub
            The Desert Edit

HAND 001R   Leftfield: Release The Dubs

HAND 002T   Leftfield: Song of Life
            Song of Life
            Dub of Life
            Fanfare of Life.

HAND 002R   Leftfield: Song of Life
            Song of Life (Steppin Razor Mix)
            Release The Horns
            Song of Life (The Lemon Interrupt Mix)

HAND 002CD  Leftfield: Song of Life
            Song of Life (Radio Edit)
            Song of Life (Extended version)
            Fanfare of Life
            Release the Dub

HAND 003T   Dee Patten - who's the bad man?

HAND006T    Delta Lady (Written by Schneider/Needs, Produced by Kris Needs,
                        Vocals by Wonder)
            Anything You Want (The Delta Better Vocal Symphony)
            Anything You Want (Delta Dub Charge)

HAND007T    Vinyl Blair (Nastri/Dub)
            Scratch N'Sniff (The One Billion Dub Mix)

HAND 008CD  Full Moon Scientist: Old Man River's Crying
            Rope of Sand Mix
            Door of Common Sense Edit
            Beltane Alarm Experiment

HAND 009T   Leftfield/Lydon: Open Up

HAND 009R   Leftfield/Lydon: Open Up (remixes)

HAND 010CD  Delta Lady: Swamp Fever
            Delta Baptism Mix
            Delta Skelter Dub
            Delta Scream Mix

HAND011T    Acorn Arts (Written, Arranged and Produced by
                        M. Williams/M. Claydon)
            Candyman (Original Mix)
            Candyman (3-D Mix)

HAND012     Vinyl Blair

HAND013T    Flammable (written by J. Cooke/B. Cooke
                       additional production by Steve Dub)
            Steppin To The Sound
            Dubbin To The Sound

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