With More Beautiful Human Life!, Apollo Records releases the first album by UZECT PLAUSH, pseudo of long-time electronic music pioneer PAUL SCHUTZE. Born in Australia but currently living in London, Schčtze started in music as an improvising percussionist and synthesist. He studied Indian drumming and was the founder of Melbourne-based seminal eighties improvising group LAUGHING HANDS, with whom he recorded several albums.

After a break in performing during which he worked as a DJ, he was approached to write music for a feature film. Since then he has scored over twenty films, worked as a sound designer, co-curated the multi-media installation Deus Ex Machina and released five solo albums. More Beautiful Human Life! is his sixth release and the first under the banner Uzect Plaush, which designates a new and seperate stream of work.

The strongest influence on Schčtze's work is definitely Can, closely followed by Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, Arab an Indian music, Nina Rota and Miles Davis. But good techno or jazz moves him as much as raga or the sound of a helicopter. Driven by rhythm and timbre, his music breathes its own particular internal logic: "I spend most of my time getting the colour and location of a sound right before I 'play' it. Once I know precisely where it will sit in the space of the mix, then the sound itself tells me how to play it, what will and won't justify or enhance that position. I never understand how anyone knows how to play a sound until it has its own location timbrally.", thus Paul.

Schčtze's music is marked by a sense of simultaneous complexity and stasis; it's an infinite snapshot in a wider and undisclosed story. "I don't quite trust music which doesn't hold or compress time for the listener.", he says. "I really hate most 19th century romantic narrative music, the tradition which is still the backbone of virtually all film scores and even pop music over a century later." Painting cinematic images for the mind, Schčtze's broad strokes of nimble space tones and arcane percussions constitute something which can best be described as futurist ballet and anti-chamber music - if it can be described at all.

Future projects for Paul include a new Uzect Plaush release and production of the new O Yuki Conjugate CD. Furthermore on his agenda are collaborations with Jim O'Rourke, ICE, Colin Newman, Egyptian drummer Hossam Ramsey and remix work for Main. Stay tuned for more beautiful music of the highest order...

Ledge (LP - 1980, Adhesive) - with Laughing Hands
Dog Photos (LP - 1981, Adhesive) - with Laughing Hands
EE: The Welders' Bible (MC - 1982, Adhesive) - with Laughing Hands
The Luxury Of Horns (MC - 1982, rash (decisions)) - with Invisible College
Nights (MC - 1983, rash (decisions)) - with Laughing Hands
Deus Ex Machina (CD - 1989, Extreme)
The Annihilating Angel Or The Surface Of The World (CD - 1990, Extreme)
Ledge/Dog Photos (CD - 1990, Extreme) - with Laughing Hands, re-release
Regard: Music By Film (CD - 1991, Multimood)
New Maps Of Hell (CD - 1992, Extreme)
The Rapture Of Metals (CD - 1993, SDV Tontrager)
More Beautiful Human Life! (LP/CD - 1994, Apollo) - as Uzect Plaush
Apart (2CD - 1995, Virgin)
The Surgery Of Touch (CD - 1995, Sentrax)

(composer/performer/producer/effects editor)

The Sealer (drama short, directed by Roger Scholes - 1982)
The Tale Of Ruby Rose (feature drama, directed by Roger Scholes - 1985)
Pieta (feature film, directed by Monica Schwartz - 1987)
Top Enders (TV feature, directed by Jackie McKimmie - 1987)
Night Find (drama short, directed by Stephen Jacobson - 1988)
Against The Innocent (feature documentary, directed by Daryl Delaura - 1988)
Cruel Youth (experimental short, directed by Tony Ayers - 1988)
Prisoner Of St. Petersburg (feature drama, directed by Ian Pringle - 1988)
Assault On Firebase Gloria (feature drama, directed by Brian Trenchard Smith - 1988)
Driving Force (feature drama, directed by A.J. Prowse - 1989)
The Last Tall Forests (16 mm documentary, directed by Roger Scholes - 1989)
Earth Bound (drama short, directed by Jeff Jaffers - 1990)
Isabelle Eberhardt (feature drama, directed by Ian Pringle - 1990)
The Valley (TV documentary, directed by Roger Scholes - 1991)
On The Border Of Hopetown (drama short, directed by Wayne Coles-Jannes - 1991)
Cat's Cradle (experimental short, directed by Liz Hughes - 1992)
Home Of The Brave (TV documentary, directed by Roger Scholes - 1992)
Street Angels (TV feature, directed by Kathy Mueller - 1992)
Mimi Goes To The Analyst (TV drama, directed by Megan Simpson - 1992)
That Man's Father (TV drama, directed by Di Drew - 1992)
Afternoon (TV drama, directed by Rodney - 1992)
The Tenth Dancer (TV documentary, directed by Sally Ingleton - 1993)
Cheetah (animation, directed by Lucinda Clutterbuck - 1993)

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