To anyone with a brain!
The music-industry sucks and you know it!
We know it too, because we've been there. We once were part of this perverted scene, as writers, musicians or distibuters. So we know it's all about backstabbing and blunt lies. We survived all the wounds that we got from it, we despise it and no longer want to be part of it. That's why we started:

Phoq U!

It's a dirty recordlabel in the traditional meaning of the word. It puts out quick and dirty music, rough and soulful techno right from the heart onto vinyl. Who gives a fuck about quality!

Not Fanon Flowers anyway, who made the first release. He's been dissed by a recordcompany too, even a so-called 'underground' label from south of Detroit. He's a student that lives in Ypsilanti nearby Detroit, but is from Kalamazoo originally, the hometown of Jay Denham, the genius responsible for one of the best techno 12"-es ever made: Fade II Black on Derrick May's Fragile Records. Inspired by Jay, he picked up producing tracks himself and made these analog 909/101-tracks a few years ago. And now, despite of the music-industry, some of these tracks are released on our label. So together with Fanon we sencerely say Phoq U! to the music-industry, and hope it goes to hell as soon as possible. Only the real underground will survive people like Fanon and our disributer Hotmix. Support them and bring the records to the people's attention!

Ed, Corne and Gert.

distributed by Props Records

Inventions and Diamentions - The Sleeper EP
A1. Raw Vibes
A2. Flim-flam
B1. Azure Sky
B2. Serinity

Tick Trax - Volume II
A1. Samba Track
A2. 808 vs 303 Track
A3. Heavy Weight Track
B1. Super Heavy Weight Track
B2. Rush Track
B3. Mono Track

Cray Emoticon - E2L9 EP
(produced by the artists formerly know as the connection machine)
A1. E2L9
A2. Gnawing the heart
B1. Choice chip
B2. I wish my zapper was a gun

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